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Open Book is a web site with its own book…and it's also a book with its own web site. The book has eight different sections, with stickers, pages to fill in yourself, and plenty to keep you reading for hours!


Here’s What’s Inside the Book

Click any of the icons to find out more about the book, or surf straight to games for lots of fun!

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Buy the book, and you'll have your very own organizer full of great jokes, gags, and riddles.

It also contains the secret code you'll need to log on to this web site and download extra free pages for your organizer. If you have the code already, go straight to downloads for lots of goodies to print out and file away.

Keep checking these pages for new freebie pages to download

funny farm Up

A section packed with jokes about all your favorite creatures, from elephants and mice to bugs and snakes:

Why don't lions eat clowns?
Because they taste funny!

school sillies Up

Have a laugh at your best and worst classes, and get caught up on the excuses that might get you out of trouble – or into a worse mess than ever!

Teacher: You should have been
here at 9 am.
Ben: Why, what happened?


grim giggles Up

Pages packed with spooky laughs and haunting one-liners:

What do you call a ghost that only haunts the Town Hall?
A nightmayor.

world of laughs Up

Jokes from all corners of the globe – don't worry about the fact that the world is round!

How do you greet a German barber?
Good morning, Herr Dresser.

who.what.why? Up

A huge section packed with great jokes, from all-time classics to new laughs to crack up your friends.

What kind of hair does the sea have?

stickers stickers Up

Four pages of fantastic, fun stickers to decorate your folders, bedroom and even your computer.

user-site user site Up
user site

Plenty of pages for you to fill in yourself: data banks, favorites, and contacts for all your personal records and choices.

Buy the book to get the secret code that lets you download free pages, updated regularly.

That way, you can keep adding new jokes to your

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about your favourites!

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