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Are you sweet, stylin', or singular?!

Take this test by reading each question and then clicking the answer box to choose your response. Make sure you leave your chosen answer showing in the box. When you have finished, click "Get your Result!" to see what your answers say about you. Let your friends take the test, too, and see how their results compare...

Q1 What's the first thing people notice about your bedroom?

Q2 What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

Q3 Which of these would embarrass you the most?

Q4 Which of these are your favorites?

Q5 Which of these would you most like to do?

Q6 What's your favorite way to keep fit?

Q7 Which of these is your favorite animal?

Q8 What do you and your friends do together?

Q9 Who's your favorite pop star?

Q10 What's your favorite kind of outfit?